Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Did God Really Say 'God Helps Those Who Help Themselves'?

In a society which puts a premium on industry and independence, many Christians subscribe to the idea that God helps those who help themselves. Where is that verse in the Bible anyway? Sounds like something that might be in the Old Testament. Perhaps it’s in Proverbs. Or did one of the prophets say it? 

Did God Really Say God Helps Those Who Help Themselves? 

Not to burst any bubbles, but…no. He did not. Not in the Old Testament. Not in the New Testament. One pastor suggests maybe it is found in 1 Americanus 17:76.
But in fact, Scripture teaches us just the opposite. God helps those who cannot help themselves, and who recognize that fact. We’ll be exploring all this on Sunday, August 5th. We have just one service, at 10:00. Come join us, if you can.

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