Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

As 2014 began anew,
I resolved to change a thing or two.
Improve some things, some changes make.
All for a Happy New Year’s sake.

I’d start by losing unwanted weight,
Perhaps 4 pounds—or 6 or 8.
But then a thought I began to probe:
Less weight would mean a new wardrobe.
Think of all the money I’d spend.
I’d end up broke—though I’d be thin!

So then I decided to exercise.
Firm up my abs, my arms, my thighs.
Lift weights or jog or mountain climb.
“Oh no”, I thought, “I don’t have the time.”
For I am busy; I must admit,
Eventually exercise I’d quit.

And then, although I knew it was funny,
My thoughts turned to the way I handle my money.
“This year”, I declared, “I’ll watch what I spend. 
I’ll live on a budget.” But then, in the end,
I knew it wouldn’t work—it would just be too hard.
To be honest with you, I love MasterCard.

I considered many others changes to try,
Things that would help the New Year to go by.
But nothing I thought of sounded much fun.
So, for a resolution, I’ll stick with just one.

To do nothing this year—neither too bold nor too tame.

In 2014, I’ll just stay the same.